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Our testimonials

  • 2nd Engr . Renell Aco
    Renell E. Aco
    Second Engineer

    Second Engineer Renell E. Aco joined V.Ships as a cadet in 2001 after graduating from PMMA.

  • DEck Cadet Cogar Nuera Carpo
    Cogar N. Carpo
    Deck Cadet

    Cadet Carpo was inspired to join the industry because of the long term career prospects.

  • SHM_4085
    Rico Collina

    21 year old POMI Engineering Cadet Rico Collina joined V.Ships in September 2012

  • Seafarer Wife -001
    Barnard Padilla

    Captain Barnard Padilla sails on board oil and chemical tankers.

  • SHM_4027
    Niño Boniel
    Third Officer

    Niño was inspired to become a seafarer by the opportunity to travel the world for free.

  • Cecile2
    Cecile Bolivar
    Payroll Administrator

    Cecile started in 1996 with NSMS, and works as a Payroll Administrator in the V.Group Manila office.

  • Gary
    Gary Cole
    Heavy Lift Crane Operator

    Gary joined the V.Ships team in February 2011 and has been working in offshore for 36 over years.

  • Arun
    Arun Cardoza
    Flag State Co-ordinator

    Arun Cardoza is a Flag State Co-ordinator at V.Ships India in Mumbai.

  • Leah (2)
    Leah Saldanha
    Travel Co-ordinator

    Leah joined V.Ships in 2012 as a Travel Coordinator.

  • DSCF0835
    Alexey Vakulenko
    Second Officer

    Second Officer Alexey Vakulenko joined V.Ships in 2007 and is working towards becoming Chief Officer

  • During Main Engine Inspection
    Fleet Superintendent

    Vangelis joined V.Ships as a Senior Fleet Superintendent in July 2013

  • Chef Testimonial
    Jerome Richard Jayaraj
    Chef Chef De Partie

    32 year old Chef Chef De Partie, Jerome Richard Jayaraj, prepares meals on board the Silver Sea.

  • Cadet Thakur
    Umang Harishbhai Thakar

    Learning about team work has been an important lesson for 22 year old Cadet Umang Harishbhai Thakar.

  • Master Czeslaw
    Czeslaw Miaskowski

    Czeslaw is a Master on DP shuttle tankers and has been with V.Ships for just over a year.

  • 1 My Photo
    Loel Catindoy
    Chief Engineer

    Loel joined V.Ships in 2009 and has since worked on the Channel Alliance and the Channel Navigator.

  • Saikat Sil
    Saikat Sil

    Cadet Saikat Sil from India has wanted to be a seafarer since setting eyes on his first tanker.

  • Dominika Szablewska , Recruitment Coordinator
    Dominika Szablewska
    Recruitment Coordinator

    After studying business administration, Dominika travelled the world before joining V.Ships.

  • 2x2
    Mark J Arroyo

    Cadet Mark J Arroyo was inspired to join V.Ships by his brother in-law, Capt. Pedro V. Cavite III.

  • Checking Of PMS On Board In Master 's PC
    Alexander Dragoy
    Marine Safety Consultant

    Alexander reached the level of 1st Class Engineer before joining SeaTec as Marine Safety Consultant.

  • Deck cadet - Li Xin Cong
    Li Xin Cong
    Deck cadet

    It’s full steam ahead for new starter Li Xin Cong.

  • Marcin Wieliki Chief Officer
    Marcin Wieliki
    Chief Officer

    Marcin joined V.Ships at the end of April 2013 after studying for five years Poland and Ireland.

  • Viktor Mykhaylov
    Viktor Mykhaylov

    Viktor Mykhaylov has been a part of the V.Ships family for almost 20 years.

  • Natalia Kmiecik , Crew Coordinator
    Natalia Kmiecik
    Crew Coordinator

    Natalia joined the V.Ships Poland office in 2012 and is currently on secondment in the UK.

  • Oleg Dzhumatiy, Chief Engineer
    Oleg Dzhumatiy
    Chief Engineer

    Oleg has worked for V.Ships since 2003.

  • Napoleon Jr Arrellano
    Napoleon Jr Arrellano
    Hotel Stores Manager

    Napoleon is seeing the world as a Hotel Stores Manager.

  • Oleg
    Oleg Kravets
    Crew Manager

    Oleg had no doubts about his career path.

  • Sladjana Gribic
    Sladjana Gribic
    Second officer

    More women are taking the plunge into an industry often perceived as a ‘man’s world’.

  • Maciek
    Maciek Bejm
    V.Ships Poland Managing Director

    Maciek oversees V.Ships Poland.

  • Debbie Bredell, Dining Room Manager
    Debbie Bredell
    Dining Room Manager

    Life at sea isn't all about sailing ships or working in engine rooms, as Debbie explains.

  • Volodymyr Zaichko
    Volodymyr Zaichko
    Chief Officer

    Family man Volodymyr Zaichko is thrilled to have embarked on a career with V.Ships.

  • 2
    Aleksandr Matokhin

    With over 30 years of shipping experience, Aleksandr Matokhin couldn’t be happier since joining.

  • Leo
    Leo Freitas
    Business Development Manager Offshore

    Meet one of V.Ships up and coming talents.

  • Alexander Voynov - Captain
    Alexander Voynov

    V.Ships' latest recruit is thrilled to be joining the company.

  • Cadet
    Marin Ivanov
    Deck cadet

    Marin Ivanov is the one of the latest deck cadets to join the V.Ships family.

  • Kaushik Dasgupta
    Kaushik Dasgupta
    Fleet Superintendent

    The Fleet Superintendent from Boston, USA has been involved in shipping since 1987.

  • Dmytro Avdyukhin, Captain
    Dmytro Avdyukhin

    After working for V.Ships for over 15 years, Dmytro is a passionate supporter of the company.

  • Mahesh Kathalapoor Deck Cadet
    Mahesh Kathalapoor
    Deck Cadet

    Starting a new career path has proved the right choice for Mahesh.

  • Yuriy Vlasenko, Chief Officer
    Yuriy Vlasenko
    Chief Officer

    The husband and father of five has worked for V.Ships since 2008.

  • Sergii Kulaievskyi, Second Officer
    Sergii Kulaievskyi
    Second Officer

    A graduate from V.Ships Cadet Training Programme, Sergii is proud to work for the company.

  • Oleksandr Tymoshchuk, Third Officer
    Oleksandr Tymoshchuk
    Third Officer

    Oleksandr from Ukraine has his career firmly planned out.

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