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Eitzen Chemical

Eitzen Chemical is a leading marine chemical transportation company with a total sailing fleet of more than 50 vessels, transporting a wide variety of cargoes such as organic chemicals, non-organic chemicals, clean and dirty petroleum products, vegetable oils and lube oils.

The fleet consists of coated and stainless steel vessels ranging from 3,500 to 48,000 dwt, primarily designed for the transport of IMO II classified chemical cargoes.

V.Ships Crew Director Andy Cook, said: "Eitzen Chemical is one of the world's leading and respected chemical tanker operators and V.Ships is proud to manage their vessels through our Glasgow and Paris ship management offices.

"Eitzen Chemical is fully committed to operating their fleet to the highest safety, environmental and performance standards and the wellbeing of their shore and ship staff is their highest priority.

"To support these objectives Eitzen Chemical and V.Ships work in partnership to ensure the future success of the fleet through its performance development and officer cadet programmes."

To find out more information about the company visit: www.eitzen-chemical.com